"Not so easily was I remade as made. He spoke and all things were made. But while he made me simply and at once by a word, he has in the remaking of me said many words, and worked wonders and suffered much." (St. Bernard)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We´ve Arrived

¡Todo gloria a Dios!

We arrived in Quito, Ecuador late last night. Almost exactly three months ago Matt, Luis and I found out that our mission post would be in Ecuador. I cannot believe that the time is here. I cannot believe that God finds me so worthy to stand before Him in this place. I am so blessed to have so many people praying for us and the people whom we will serve. Thank you!

We are all very different, and our gifts are unique. Yet, we have one goal and mission in mind. I pray that we may have unity in everything that we do. This is the beginning of our mission. In our morning prayer today it was all about singing a new song and how the spirit of God creates. This is what we want: to begin anew today... Lord convert our hearts anew today and at each moment. Show us our iniquities that we may shed ourselves of all that is not of you. I must decrease. You, Lord, must increase. Create in us, one body, one mind and one spirit for You and your people, so that our love may be intense.

Today, we head to Tena on a bus down the mountain to visit the bishop. We will discuss with him our mission and continue to discern the place where we will serve permanently. Like James said this morning, we must always begin and end with prayer. Pray without ceasing. We must pray our mission into being... without prayer we will not be successful. Without conversing with God how could we possibly know what it is He wills for us. Please pray for us, that we may at all times do His will. Peace of Christ to all of you! Please let me know what we can pray about for you.